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Novoo is a leading manufacturer of premium
PC accessories. We pride ourselves on our designs and we work around the clock
to pioneer smarter, cutting-edge, future-proof PC accessories that help you
live a better, smarter life.

Novoo’s team consists of visionaries and
innovators, sharing the same passion for excellence. With over two decades of
experience backing us up, we aspire to bring to our customers the best
experience possible, building a world of seamless, hassle-free connections for
your favorite devices – your computer, tablet, smartphone, and more. We place
emphasis on the premium feel and functionality of our products to ensure
they’re the ideal companion to your smart lifestyle.

Committed to excellence and innovation,
Novoo is your trusted partner and your one-stop shop for future-proof,
reliable, premier PC accessories for the modern world.

technological expertise

Our team have spent years developing the very best technological solutions for everyday issues, consistently pushing the boundaries of possibility to ensure our customers benefit. Our products utilise the best elements from our team to provide long lasting products.

quality control

All of products are subject to strict quality control processes to ensure a high quality is maintained. Quality is often hard to see when circuit boards are covered but our mission is to ensure the highest quality components and materials are used in our product range.

global network

NOVOO has achieved a global network of customers, suppliers and distributors to enable the vast expansion of our products. As a verified seller on Amazon UK and Amazon USA our pool of customers span across the globe. Find our more about our wholesale opportunities below.




Interested in selling our technology and products at a wholesale level? We offer tailored solutions for eCommerce companies looking to take advantage of our products. Enquire for more information and lets start the next chapter in our relationship.

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