The 8 Benefits of using USB Hub for Dual Monitor: Multi-Task Tools

A dual monitor can be an incredible asset to any computer setup. In fact, studies have shown that using multiple monitors can increase productivity by 42%

However, managing multiple monitors and working on multiple projects can get complicated. That is why running everything through a centralized hub can simplify things.

This is where a USB hub steps in. Read on to learn how a USB hub can help and find out if you should pick one up. 

1. Plug in Anything You Want

Most people who use a dual monitor setup are pretty involved in what they are working on. So, you don’t want to be limited by anything. This includes the number of USB ports on your computer. 

Adding more USB ports is the most basic function of a USB hub. It allows you to have monitors, a printer, multiple hard drives, a mouse, a keyboard, and plenty more all at once. 

2. Don’t Worry about Unplugging Anything

Being able to plug in any device you want is great. However, being able to keep those devices plugged in is nearly as important. 

This is especially true if you often find yourself needing to use different devices for different purposes. For example, if you switch the hard drive you are using throughout the day or if you need to connect different accessories. 

In these cases, most people end up having to unplug the device they were just using in order to plug in a new one. This can get really annoying, especially if it happens multiple times a day.

With a USB hub, you can simply leave everything plugged in for as long as you need it. 

3. Work on Two Separate Projects

Dual monitor setups are great for multitasking. However, if you only have a limited number of USB ports, your multitasking is pretty limited. 

Imagine if you have two projects that are stored on two separate hard drives. You could plug in each drive separately, transfer the information to your computer, work on the projects, and then plug each hard drive in again to transfer the information again. Or, you could just plug in both hard drives and work on them both. 

There are other situations like this, too. Imagine you are doing video editing and you need the footage from multiple cameras at once. Copying all those video files will take forever, while just plugging them into your USB hub makes the process easy. 

With a USB hub adding additional USB ports, more options are available. This saves time and energy that could be spent on the projects, rather than just fiddling around with files. 

4. Transfer Information

Similar to working on separate projects at once, it is easier to transfer information when dealing with multiple USB ports. 

If you have information that needs to be copied from one hard drive and placed on other hard drives, you may have to wait a while as information slowly moves from one drive to your computer to another drive. However, with multiple USB ports, you can simply plug in all of the hard drives you need. 

5. Streamline Your Ports

Not every computer has every type of port. Nowadays, many computers do not even include SD card slots or certain video adapters. For people who need to access these things, this means purchasing and managing different dongles and adapters. 

However, you can choose a USB hub that has everything you need. It effectively does the job of multiple dongles and adapters but does so in a straightforward manner. 

This is particularly helpful for Macbook users. An Apple Macbook may not have ports for things you need and some of these ports may be a little outdated. However, hooking up that computer to a USB hub opens up your options once again. 

6. Easily Access Your Ports

Often, the ports on your computer aren’t the easiest to access. They may be located on the back of your computer, and your computer may not even be that easy to get to. This makes plugging and unplugging USBs an annoyance. 

However, with a USB hub, those same ports are easier to access. You can set the hub on the desk right in front of you. That way, when you need to plug or unplug something, you can do it in seconds, without even leaving your chair. 

7. Use a Docking Station

If you want to get really advanced with your dual monitor setup, you can use a USB docking station. This allows you to easily connect your laptop to your dual monitor setup. 

This is perfect for people who move from place to place regularly. You can plug your laptop into its docking station and instantly have access to everything that is plugged into that docking station. Then, you can unplug your laptop and take it with you when you go. 

8. Power Multiple Devices

One often-overlooked benefit of having multiple USB ports is the ability to power multiple devices at the same time. As long as you are using a powered USB hub, this is possible. 

Having this will prevent you from having to find an outlet to plug in your devices. Instead, you can keep them right next to you as you work on your computer. 

You could even charge up a power bank while you work. This way, once you leave your computer, you can keep charging any devices that still need it. 

Using a USB Hub for Your Dual Monitor Setup

If you have a dual monitor setup and are looking to upgrade it further, a USB hub may be the next step. It provides a range of benefits that streamlines your workflow and simplifies your experience. 

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