An Elegant Solution For Your iPad: NOVOO RT10 Invisible Tablet Stand

We're all used to carrying our office around in a shoulder bag or a pocket. An iPhone or iPad can enable you to manage your career, business, or busy life wherever you may be.

How will you type comfortably or get the correct poise for a Zoom meeting?

How do you keep your device light enough for everyday carry but robust sufficient to stand up to a day's work wherever and whenever?

That's the solution we asked ourselves; the result is the NOVOO RT10 iPad stand. A stand that can be positioned into any of 4 positions weighs almost nothing, and while it may add little thickness to your iPad, it does add considerable style. So whether you're working in a coffee, We're almost ready to stick up for you.



 Making a portable, sturdy stand for iPad should be simple. So did we; then, we tried designing one and realized that even straightforward solutions need innovative thinking. We found most existing stands were either fragile, unbalanced, or just weighed down. If you wouldn't put up with this in a date, why put up with it in a stand? We decided the answer was to take a strong position on improving how you position your device.



 The simple foldout stand at the back of the NOVOO RT10 enables you to efficiently perform one of four tasks with your device. In addition, the stand rests on just three points, so it's stable and reliable (don't we all need more things in our life that are stable and reliable?)


Hold your device to the right height to film yourself while reading a script


Adopt a slightly higher angle for picturing yourself perfectly for a video call ( but maybe not-so-tall people can see you're at a football match and not your home office!)


The right height for when you need to get some actual work done and break out that blue tooth keyboard. (work may be a pain in the neck, but it doesn't need to give you an actual pain in the neck)


RT10 is a svelte 5.4mm, so you'll barely notice they're there till they pop out and do their thing. A slim, good-looking friend who pops out to support you when you need them? Yes, and the NOVOO can bear the weight of the chunkiest iPad.



We made RT10 of premium Vegan Leather, which against Scratches and Water-proof, also comes with Trackless Glue, washable, and reusable, to ensures your device is supported, excellent, and discreet.