Ethernet port is not working

If your laptop cannot recognize a wired internet connection when you’ve connected to the Ethernet port, then the issue may lie in the connected laptop, the ethernet cable, the router, or the adapter/hub/dock itself.
Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help identify and resolve the problem.

For the laptop:

Update your Ethernet driver.

For an adapter/hub/dock using a Realtek Ethernet chip:

please download the following driver:

For an adapter/hub/dock using an ASIX Ethernet chip:

please download the following driver: download the driver, go to Software & Tools > Drivers > USB Ethernet ICs > AX88179 If your laptop is a MacBook with an M1 chip, update to the latest version of macOSTry this device with a different laptop and see if the issue persists.

For the ethernet cable:

If possible, plug your network cable directly into the Ethernet port of your laptop and see if you get a stable internet connection.Try a different Ethernet cable. For the router: Try a different router.For the adapter/hub/dock: Confirm if the LED light is on when it's connected to a laptop.Try with a different device to see whether you can get a wired internet connection.