• What can I do with a USB C HUB?

USB-C hubs are a cost-effective and space-saving solution for adding ports to your laptop, PC, or gaming system, so you can connect those extra monitors or other devices or peripherals you'd love to use.


  • Does a USB-C Hub Affect Performance?

A USB-C hub can affect the performance of your machine and its attached devices.There are a few ways that it might do this:

  1. Battery power could become an issue if you are plugging an unpowered hub into your laptop, you could see the battery drain quicker than usual.
  2. The ports on your laptop are connected to your motherboard, and they have a set bandwidth that they will parse out to attached devices. A hub with multiple ports in it, once plugged into the computer, will have the available bandwidth spread out over each of those ports.
  3. Functionally, there is a limit on how many devices the USB-C port can support.


  • Is It Normal for a USB-C Hub To Get Hot?

It is perfectly normal for hubs to feel warm or even a bit hot when they are handling several devices.


  • Can I Connect Two USB-C Hubs Together?

Yes, it is possible to connect two hubs together. While there is not much to this, it is a good idea to make sure that both of them are of the powered variety instead of the unpowered one. If they were unpowered, the available wattage to both hubs and all the attached devices might be too low to get the support for the peripherals that you want.


  • How do I choose a USB C HUB?Factors to Consider When Buying a USB-C Hub:

1) Connector Type. The majority of USB-C hubs, such as NOVOO 12-in-1 USB-C hub, have a built-in cable that connects to your laptop.

2) Number of Ports. Generally the more ports a USB-C hub has, the higher the price.

3) Port Type.

4) Port Layout.

5) Compatibility.